How to Manage Dry Itchy Feet

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Our feet are already naturally dry because we do not have oil glands in our feet. Instead our feet are moisturized by sweat glands. There are a number of problems that could cause dry feet. It could be from athlete’s foot or diabetes just to name a couple.  Typically dry feet are caused from an underlying issue that may give you cracked , rough, itchy and/or peeling feet.

Simple steps to help manage dry feet.

  • Wash feet daily in warm water, not excessively hot water
  • Clean and dry well between the toes
  • To prevent your skin from drying out, don’t soak your feet for more than 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Apply moisturizer if necessary to dry skin but not between the toes. Choose therapeutic oils and creams. Many lotions contain alcohol and are not recommended.
  • use foot powder to control naturally moist feet and DO use powder between the toes
  • Wear breathable, wicking socks (athletic socks work great!)