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The Pampered Foot – The Best In Home Foot Care Services – Palo Alto

Get healthy, smooth, better looking feet you will love and reduce foot pain.   Don’t put off necessary foot care till the problems become unbearable. Julie Paulin Licensed Nurse in California An In-Home Foot Care Specialist will provide special care for your feet and treat unappealing conditions that cause foot pain, such as calluses, cracked heels, […]

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis (PLAN-tur fas-e-i-tis) is one of the many causes of pain in the heel of your feet. Inflammation and pain is from the plantar fascia which is the band of tissue on the bottom of your foot. This band connects the heel bone to the toes. Often it can cause excruciating pain when you […]

Bunions and bunionettes – Harvard Health

Bunions are among the most common causes of painful toes. A bunion is a misalignment of the bones in the foot. This occurs when something causes the big toe to turn inward, bending toward (or even under) the other toes. The medical term for bunion—hallux valgus deformity—is a literal description of the condition. “Hallux” is […]

Plantar Wart

What is a Plantar Wart?

A plantar wart will resemble a callus on the bottom of your foot. Generally it will be located in the ball or heel areas of your foot. Depending on the location of the wart there may be some sort of pain present. Some will have what looks like a small hole or concaved center. You […]

How to Manage Dry Itchy Feet

Our feet are already naturally dry because we do not have oil glands in our feet. Instead our feet are moisturized by sweat glands. There are a number of problems that could cause dry feet. It could be from athlete’s foot or diabetes just to name a couple.  Typically dry feet are caused from an […]

What Causes Painful Cracks in My Feet?

Cracks & Fissures: Cracks and fissures are breaks in the skin due to skin that is too dry or too moist. When skin is too dry it can become rough and flaky, and at the heel large cracks and deep fissures can form. When skin is too moist, bacterial or fungal infections may occur and […]

nail fungus

What Causes Nail Fungus? Onychomycosis

Fungal Nail: Fungal nail, Onychomycosis, is a common disease of the toenail, cause by skin fungus which has moved underneath the nail. Normally, the nail adheres to the nail bed and provides a natural barrier to fungal infection. However, even a minor trauma (repeated bumping of the nail on the inside of shoes) can gently […]

how to treat athletes foot

Athletes Foot

What Is Athletes Foot Athletes foot, Tinea Pedis, is a superficial, contagious, fungal infection of the foot. Symptoms include drying and peeling of the skin, itching, burning and finally blisters. It can appear as a red, scaly eruption on the bottom of the foot, or have a whitish, moist appearance between the toes. Foot odor […]

How to treat warts

Did you know that topical application of Vitamin A is an effective treatment for warts? Take a Vitamin A gel-cap, prick it with a pin, and apply the liquid to the wart daily. It should be gone within 70 days.