Athletes Foot

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What Is Athletes Foot

Athletes foot, Tinea Pedis, is a superficial, contagious, fungal infection of the foot. Symptoms include drying and peeling of the skin, itching, burning and finally blisters. It can appear as a red, scaly eruption on the bottom of the foot, or have a whitish, moist appearance between the toes. Foot odor can be caused by a secondary bacterial infection.

The cause of Athletes Foot is that there are conditions favorable to fungal growth including a warm, dark, climate offered by sweaty feet in hot enclose shoes. Also, direct exposure to fungus in public areas where people walk barefoot (pools, locker rooms, etc) can promote athlete’s foot.

How to treat Athletes Foot

Treatment includes foot hygiene (keeping feet clean and dry), daily application of topical anti-fungal agents, wearing clean breathable footwear, rotating shoes, and wearing footwear (flip flops) in public areas.