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Julie Paulin - Foot pain - Palo Alto,California
Julie Paulin, CFCN, CFCS
Licensed Nurse in California

Don’t put off foot care till the problems become unbearable. Nursing care assessment and advice for those with foot care issues, including diabetics and those with other health issues. A home foot care specialist will care for your feet and treat conditions that cause foot pain, such as calluses, cracked heels, blisters and fungus.

  • Foot health assessments can detect medical conditions
  • Referral to specialist when needed
  • Care for conditions salons don’t treat
  • Services done by a licensed foot care nurse

The Pampered Foot’s main focus is foot care for the elderly and other people with health issues like diabetes.

You do not have to put up with foot pain.

Your feet may be out of sight and out of mind most of the time, but they deserve your attention. When your feet hurt it can affect how the rest of your body feels. We can help you and your feet feel better.

(pedicures look great but what good are they if you have blisters, cracked heels, calluses or fungus)

I get my feet taken care of in a salon when I get my Manicure.

Salons just focus on making your feet look pretty. They don’t really assess the feet and aren’t trained nurses to detect appearances of the feet that may indicate an underlying medical condition. Salon foot care is not as complete a job and there is a bigger chance of infection. We use professional sterilized equipment.

Not covered by insurance or Medicare?

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This is an important part of your health care that shouldn’t be overlooked. Our foot care service isn’t cosmetic like a pedicure. It’s a service to help keep your feet functioning properly. It may be an out-of-pocket expense but it can help avoid more expensive fees later, as foot problems tend to get worse the older we get. Many foot problems can be avoided with a little pampering.

Why should I pay someone to take care of my feet?

Feet take a lot of stress in a lifetime. Taking care of your feet may be the last thing on your mind, but they are too important to overlook. It’s one of those things people won’t take the time to do for themselves. There are also natural changes that occur in the feet as you age that can cause problems. Basic foot care should be part of your healthcare regiment. Our basic foot care services will help ensure better health. If something comes up beyond our expertise we would refer you to a specialist.

I am embarrassed by my feet.

Our service is done by a trained medical nurse who has seen all kinds of foot problems. Our main concern is to get your feet looking better and healthier not to judge on how they look.

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